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Wet Shaving Tips

Wet Shaving Tips

Why wet shave? Compared to an electric razor, a wet shave results in a closer shave. However, it is also the very ritual of wet shaving that people enjoy. The preparation, the scents and the strong link to the past that is associated with using high-quality wet shaving products can turn what is often viewed as a chore into a pleasurable and a rewarding ritual. Most men feel that their skin condition improves remarkably from the exfoliating nature of a wet shave and the moisturising temperament of the products used.

A first-rate close shave is all about preparation and using the right tools for the job. Follow our guidelines below to experience the ultimate shave:

  1. Shave immediately after showering or wrap a hot soaking wet face towel across the face for 30 seconds. The hot water loosens up the pores and softens the hair for a closer shave.

  2. Before beginning, run your Kent shaving brush under a hot tap until the head becomes heavy with water. Next, shake lightly until approximately a third of the water is left in the head – this is because too much water will dilute shaving cream and you will have difficulty building up a thick lather.

  3. When whipping up your shaving cream to create a thick lather, flick your brush back and forth and up and down across the soap bowl. Protect the life of your shaving brush by avoiding using circular motions to whip up a lather. This is because continuous circular motions will cause the bristles to tighten, eventually leading them to fall out. Prolong the life of your brush by never using solely circular movements.

  4. When using shaving cream, dip the tip of your brush lightly into the tub and lather up directly onto your skin using an upward motion.

  5. Shave with the grain of your beard or stubble in a downward direction. You may like to shave against the grain under the jawline. Ensure your razor blade is changed regularly, we suggest once a week, then simply glide the razor across your skin using minimal pressure.

  6. For an extra close shave, or for those few stubborn hairs, reapply your lather or cream and shave in a sideways motion across the skin using minimal pressure. Use your fingers to feel any obstinate areas of growth – hair often grows in different directions around the neck area.

  7. Once your shave is complete, rinse with clean warm water to close the pores. Pat your skin dry and apply a suitable moisturiser.

  8. Finally, rinse your shaving brush, shake off any excess water, and store your brush upside down on the stand. This will prolong the life of the brush, as it will prevent water from settling in the base.

Written by
Carly McIntyre