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The Best Shaving Brushes

Gone are the days of just using a razor for a close shave, with many men opting to use a shaving brush as part of their grooming routine. Using a shaving brush not only produces a richer shaving lather but also lifts and softens the beard hair and improves the overall wet-shave quality. Shaving brushes can also help to reduce the chance of in-growing hairs, gentle massaging your face, stimulates the facial blood supply and results in a great post shave feel god factor. The preparation, the scents and a strong link to the past, associated with high-quality wet-shaving products, turn the process, often viewed as a chore, to a more pleasurable process. So, it’s easy to see why shaving brushes are growing in popularity. Shaving with a brush is now more popular than ever. While some of the more luxurious, finest brushes could be at the top of someone’s budget, we have a great range of more budget friendly options to suit. Here are a couple of our best budget brushes:


VS10 A shaving brush with an ivory barrel filled with slightly stiffer blended filaments for use with shaving gel.


VS30 An ivory barrel shaving brush filled with pure bristle and finished with a badger bristle effect.


VS60 A beautiful designed black barrel filled with pure bristle and finished with a badger bristle effect.


VS70 A wooden socket-large pure bristle finished with a badger bristle effect.


VS80 A small wooden socket filled with pure bristle and finished with a badger bristle effect.

Infinity Shaving Brush

Infinity Shaving Brush Made with super soft Silvertex is a specially developed fully synthetic material to offer you the ultimate lathering experience, crucial for the perfect wet shave. It provides an alternative to those who prefer not to use a natural bristle or badger brush.

Wet is Best

Wet is Best A fantastic blended bristle badger effect shaving brush and accompanying stand in a boxed set. Ideal for first-time wet shavers! Take a look at our shaving brushes here.