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Introducing Our 'Oooh That's Nice!' Hairbrush

Here at Kent Brushes we are proud to present our revolutionary new hedonistic hairbrush, an innovative new design that has been developed to seamlessly glide into your daily brushing, grooming and styling routine. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it! The human head is rich in nerve endings; the therapeutic benefits of massage are well documented – and therein lies the inspiration behind our exciting new 'Oooh That's Nice' hairbrush. KB-photogrpahy-3 Strong yet supremely flexible, the brush is designed to reach and follow every subtle contour of your head as it glides effortlessly through your locks. The longer nylon bristles are juxtaposed with shorter, softer natural boar bristles to stir your senses while effortlessly taming your tangles. It's a product that feels almost as good in your hand as it does through your hair, thanks to it's lightweight construction and eye-catchingly different design. Our new 'Oooh That's Nice!' hairbrush is as chic as it is clever – a fashion statement in its own right. KB-photogrpahy-6 Our new hairbrush has been designed for women, men and children of all ages to add a brushstroke of excitement to your routine. This brush is perfect particularly for children. Parents – you know longer need to fight those birds nests for hours on end! Try it and you'll discover why we named it 'Oooh That's Nice!' Our lucky #KentComp winners are the first to experience this revolution in haircare. We challenge them to to share their 'Oooh!' sensation with us with the hashtag #MyOooh
Written by
Alexander Mohamed