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Kent’s Top 10 Stocking Fillers this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, Kent Brushes are here to help make this year’s shopping that little bit easier! We’ve got the perfect selection of stocking fillers for everyone on your list...check it out!



1. Beard Brush - £20.00

One of our best sellers and award recognised, the wooden Beard Brush is handmade in the UK and has specially cut and shaped boar bristles to improve brushing performance so it can handle the coarsest of facial foliage, whilst still being gentle on the skin. Simply a must for any bearded man who likes to look his best. Shop now wet_is_best_no_pack

2. Wet is Best - £17.00

This shaving brush set is complete with a blended bristle badger effect shaving brush for smooth cream application and an accompanying stand in a boxed set, ensuring no mess is made whilst shaving. An ideal present for new wet shavers! Shop now NU19_3_4

3. Pocket Comb Set — NU19 £8.95

Perfect for any stocking, our small pocket comb (113mm) is the perfect gift for men on the go. This comb comes with a Carissa calf leather case and a 90mm metal nail file. The NU19 is saw cut, and then hand polished and buffed to create soft rounded teeth that will not damage your hair or scalp but ensures a smooth and comfortable action when combing through hair. Shop now



4. Oooh That’s Nice Brush – £12.50

Do you know someone who is fed up with brushes that pull, tug and snag their hair? Then look no further than the Oooh That’s Nice Brush! This award-winning brush has been named ‘Best Hair Tool’ by Women’s Health for it’s innovative design that helps to eliminate the woes of everyday brushing, grooming and styling and treats the scalp to a mini hand massage with every use! Shop now 011

5. Powder Brush — TWMU11 £18.50

As makers of the world’s finest brushes we are very proud of our ‘Twelve’ make up range. Our beautiful soft powder brush is made from natural hair and is used to apply powder after foundation or concealer. This exquisite brush offers full coverage for the best in seamless makeup application making it a great gift for makeup lovers. Shop now p231-kent-shampoo-and-scalp-massage-brush-sh1_1

6. Shampoo Brush – SH1 £3.00

A real gem and one of our favourites! The amazing shampoo and scalp massage brush. It’s the perfect brush for distributing shampoo and conditioner through the hair whilst stimulating the scalp and hair shaft making hair feel healthier and fuller. Great for kids too! You probably didn’t know you such a thing existed, but trust us, you won’t be disappointed and at £3 it is the ultimate small stocking filler. Shop now



7. Children’s Patterned Brush – ARTH1 £4.95

A small pocket size brush that is perfect for children to treasure or for mum’s to pop in their handbags. The rubber pad is soft on the scalp, good for on-the-go brushing and styling and loved by kids. This brush comes in 3 design choices to suit your little one. Shop now: Ballerina, Flowers & Hearts, Cats untitled

8. KB Coolhog - £6.50

The funky KB Coolhog is small, colourful and has a nylon-ball tipped brush, amazing for detangling and suitable for nearly all hair types. This fun little all rounder is also perfect for general brushing and styling, and is available in four amazing bright colours. Shop now ba28

9. Baby Brush Set – BA28 £8.00

An essential for all new parents to help maintain and their loved ones locks. This super soft white bristle brush and comb set gently brushes through the hair and encourages both growth and shine, ensuring healthy hair from a very young age. Shop now



10. Shower Brush - FD6 £18.00

Our shower brush offers a stimulating experience which will leave the body toned and invigorated with the textured bristles working to massage and remove dead skin. Beautifully crafted from luxurious beech wood and pure white bristles, making this a fabulous christmas gift to go in any stocking. Shop now
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