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Watch our lips - we've got some news

It is 1777. Captain Cook is still busy discovering the world. Napoleon is still in short trousers. George Washington still won’t be president for another 12 years. Back in London, meanwhile, a family business is born - G B Kent & Sons Ltd, destined to become makers of the world’s finest brushes... Fast forward 238 years to the present and we reckon that’s already something like 87,000 bad hair days turned into good ones. Not only in the UK, but across more than 50 other countries. It is a triumph of global grooming. In fact, there can’t be many scalps that haven’t felt the caress of a Kent brush or comb at some time in their lives. We are hugely proud of our products, our history and our heritage (more of which in a minute). Not for nothing have we earned an unbroken sequence of Royal Warrants spanning no fewer than nine reigns. But Kent Brushes - as we’re more commonly known these days - is not a company to stand still. We are bristling with ideas and innovation. We have a constant, unswerving commitment to expand and improve our range. And we have some very exciting news to share with you, very soon... factory Just for the moment, our lips are sealed. But when all is revealed you will see and experience something special, as befits a company that has grown into a global brand synonymous with craftsmanship and quality. Much has changed over the years, of course. Founded and nurtured by six generations of the Kent family, our company entered a new era in 1932 under the creative and dynamic direction of the Cosby family, who continue to drive the business forward. 1984 brought another major development as Kent Brushes left London and moved to our current HQ in Hertfordshire - a state-of-the-art factory whose comprehensive range now embraces more than 250 different brushes. In many ways it is a world apart from 1777 and William Kent’s fledgling enterprise, but some things haven’t changed. Amid the latest high-tech manufacturing processes, there is still a place for traditional skills (many brushes continue to be handmade) and an uncompromising philosophy that distances the company from inferior, overpriced imports. And now we’re nearly ready to share our latest news with you. So watch this space and keep tabs on our social media channels for something that’s going to be on everyone’s lips...
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