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Kent Supersoft Toothbrush in Pink


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Kent Supersoft Toothbrush in Spearmint


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Indulging bath & body care brushes
Your body deserves the best. That is why we have developed the best brushes for hair and body care.

How to use our bath & body care brushes
Massage and evenly distribute shampoo throughout your hair and scalp using one of our shampoo and scalp massage brushes. Keep nails clean and healthy by using one of our expertly crafted nail brushes in a to-and-fro motion across your nails and hands. Finally, to maintain a healthy smile, use one of our toothbrushes twice a day.

The best luxury bath & body care brushes
All of our bath and body care brushes are ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your bath & body care routine. Mix and match to create a unique gift.