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Hair brush advice for hair types and conditions

Human heads contains about 100,000 hairs. Each hair shaft is made of 3 layers – the cuticle (outside layer), which protects the two inner layers. Our individual hair type is created by genetics, but over your lifetime, the condition of your hair can change radically at different stages of your life due to age, health, environment, temperature, psychological state of mind and chemical hair treatments.

In order to maximise your hair healthy potential, it is important to use the correct hair brush and comb. As with the rest of our bodies, hair is healthiest when we eat right, exercise and protect it.

Fine hair

Fine hair is defined by the texture or size of each individual strand of hair. Many people often complain about the limpness or lack of body their hair has, which makes holding a hairstyle almost impossible, especially in humid conditions. Positively, fine hair can be smooth, shiny and glossy! Remember – general brushing is important for continued health and shine. For fine hair, use a soft to medium strength bristle brush, with a rubber cushion for comfort.

For general brushing: CSGL, CSGM, CSGS, LS9D, DA4S, OS11, MS23D
For volume use: KS43, KS45, KS49, KS50 and KS51
For backcombing (to provide height): A21T comb or PF16 brush

Medium hair

Medium hair is the most ideal hair to care for. It is shiny, well balanced, does not dry out, is easy to maintain and holds styling. Although this hair type can use almost any brush, it is still a good idea to use a medium to stiff bristle brush as part of a daily care regime. For best results, tip your head forward and down, brushing from the nape of the neck to the ends of the hair. Try it this way and enjoy a truly sensual experience as enjoyable as a head massage!

Ladies: LS7, LC22, CSFL
Men: MS11, OS10, MN1B, OE1

Thick Hair

Although thick hair can be double the size of a fine hair strand, it can still be just as tricky to style. When blow drying, ensure you dry 80% of the moisture out of the hair before beginning the styling process with your hair brush. Start by holding the dryer downwards as this encourages the cuticles to lie flat and reflect the light, which creates a sleeker finish.

For styling and drying: PF17, PF19, PF20, LPB1, KS30

For general, every day brushing, use a very stiff bristle brush or one with added nylon quills. These quills protrude longer than the bristle to help the brush to penetrate through the hair deep down to the scalp.

For general brushing - ladies: CSML, CSMM, LC4
For general brushing – men: OC2, OG2, MN11

Thin and Receding hair

Thin hair is different to fine hair. Fine hair is the thickness of the individual strands, whereas thin hair refers to the actual number of hairs on your scalp. The fewer hairs you have, the thinner your hair will be.

Receding hair is hair that is in the process of becoming sparser, which can occur for a number of reasons. Including: heredity, age, trauma and hormonal changes. Despite losing hair, it is still very important to brush to ensure your hair remains as healthy as possible. We produce a full range of hair brushes that use a softer 'cut' of bristle, which is much gentler on the scalp. This range is clearly marked 'soft'.

Ladies: LS9D, DA4S
Men: MS23D, OS11

Curly Hair

The strands of straight hair appear circular, whereas in curly hair they appear oval. Curly hair contains a different protein which often affects the condition of the hair, many times leaving the hair to appear dryer, more brittle and prone to frizz.

Curly hair is often difficult to maintain and can have a mind of its own. We suggest using a wide toothed comb (10T, R5T) and a good detangling brush to remove tangles after washing (PF18, PF19). Unless straightening, leave to air dry.

Many curly headed people always told us that they had yet to find a hairbrush on the market that work well for them. We saw this as a challenge and that's when 'Woodyhog' was born! The wide spaced rose wood teeth of Woodyhog act like 'fingers' that fight through the thickest of curls.

Dry Hair

Inactive oil glands, over exposure to sun, and harsh chemical treatments often result in dry hair. The easiest way to combat the struggle of dry hair is to use bristle hair brushes. Simply select the bristle strength suited to your hair type and brush away! Brushing with the correct bristle strength stimulates the hair follicles that contain sebaceous glands, which encourages the flow of sebum that moisturises and protect the hair. When hair is damaged, the scales of each shaft separate causing the hair to dry out, robbing it of much needed moisture which leaves the hair looking dull, dry and frizzy. Although dry hair is very fragile, it is still important to continue brushing with the correct brush for your hair type to avoid any further damage or breakage.

Oily Hair

Through their changing hormones, teens often complain about greasy hair. The problem stems from sebaceous glands becoming over active, and producing more oil than needed. Much to popular belief, frequent washing will not do any harm providing the hair is treated gently when wet. When hair is wet is it susceptible to stretching, making it more vulnerable to breakage or cuticle damage. We suggest using a wide spaced detangling brush such as PF19 or PF20. It is important to keep the hair around your face as clean as possible because oily hair can clog facial pore, causing spots. 

Split Ends

Trichoptlosis, more commonly known as spilt ends, is related to dry hair. Split ends occur when the protective cuticle is stripped away from the ends of the hair and are most common when hair is dry or brittle. When this happens, the individual hair splits into two or three strands and unfortunately there is no 'cure' or remedy to fix this. To rid yourself of split ends you can only cut them off. However, to prevent spilt ends, cut down on the use of blow driers, straightening irons and other heat tools and protect your hair from the sun by using sunscreen and conditioner in your hair. Never brush wet hair with a bristle brush as the swollen strands are vulnerable and tough bristle will cause, or worsen, spilt ends. Instead use a wide spaced quill brush or a wide tooth combs.

For spilt ends: PF19, PF20, 10T, R5T, HeadHog

Static Hair

Static electricity is electricity produced by friction and is created when electrons 'jump' from one atom to another non-moving, static object. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs all around us and affects us daily. Static electricity can be created by rubbing certain things together, such as a brush on your hair. Annoyingly, this can make your hair fly up and refuse to settle smoothly. Dry atmospheres can make static worse because dry air and dry materials help facilitate the transfer of electrons. The most effective way to prevent static hair is to use an anti-static hair brush as well as generous amounts of conditioner to make styling easier and to avoid flyaway hair. A squirt of hairspray on your hairbrush before using is also a good tip worth trying.

For static hair use one of our anti station hairbrushes: AS8, AS9, AS10

Afro Hair

Afro hair is often extremely vulnerable to breakage. This can be explained because afro hair has an irregular diameter along the length of each hair shaft, which makes it easy to break. The shape of the strands resembles a twisted oval rod. These twists are uneven in direction and thickness, which gives the hair less tensile strength.

Afro hair has similar traits to curly hair, however it holds much less moisture than Caucasian hair. A large amount of heat and chemical treatments add to problems of brittleness and subsequent breakage, so a gentle brush must be used to avoid any unnecessary tugging.

This hair type can be difficult to comb, so we suggest only using a hand sawn comb with wide spaces between the rounded teeth for ultimate smoothness which will avoid further damage.

For gentle brushing: PF19, PF20
For combing: 10T, SPC86, R5T

To summarise

In short, at Kent we advise our customers to establish your hair type, and what condition your hair is currently in. Decide and treat yourself to a selection of hair brushes best suited to your hair type, styling needs and budget, and use these alongside the appropriate hair products. Some of our top tips include:

  1. Don't twist or tug at your hair
  2. Only wear thick covered hair elastics and accessories with covered springs and clips. These will prevent the accessories from snagging or breaking hair.
  3. Only use handmade saw cut combs that are smooth and rounded with no moulding ridge that can be sharp enough to cut hair (see 'handmade' combs)
  4. Sleep on a satin pillow to minimise tangles
  5. Wear a swimming cap in highly chlorinated pools
  6. Over-drying is the worst culprit for hair damage.

For any further product and hair brush advice, please email us at

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