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Christmas Gift Ideas for a Dad Who Has Everything

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Dad Who Has Everything

Why are dads always so hard to buy for? Christmas gift ideas for the dad who has everything are like gold dust! If you're looking to avoid a repeat of socks or golfing paraphernalia, why not try a new tack this year?

Kent's Christmas Gift Ideas for A Dad Who Has Everything

Kent Brushes is a brand with a long, rich heritage of quality craftsmanship. Our brushes make the perfect gift for a British gentleman, with plenty of variety in our range to suit different styles and tastes. Our range of beautifully crafted brushes and combs offers plenty of gift ideas for a dad who has everything.

Here are some of our suggestions, when it comes to the perfect Christmas gift for dad.

The Showstopper

A Christmas gift that is guaranteed to impress, this handmade military style brush radiates elegance and luxury. The sense of occasion it brings will make your dad feel truly special every time he uses it.

Made from beautiful ebony wood, the natural white bristles are hand drawn – a traditional method that has been passed down for generations. It comes packaged for the part in a luxury silk-lined presentation case.

This is a gift that is practical without being prosaic. It is a daily reminder of his son or daughter and something for him to really treasure.

a luxury brush is a perfect christmas gift for dad

The Shaving Gift Set

As a way to enhance his every day routines, a classically designed shaving brush set is a lovely gift. This shaving set comes with our own skin conditioning shaving cream, as well as a shaving brush stand.

Or you could pair a shaving brush with one of our luxury shaving soaps. The soaps come in a natural wooden shaving bowl of either dark oak or beechwood, giving them the feel of a luxury gift even before you choose the wrapping paper.

christmas gift ideas for a dad who has everything - shaving soap

The Shoe Brush set

The best gift ideas for dad are those that show you know him well. If you have a dad who loves fine shoes and keeps his in impeccable condition, this shoe brush set is a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

The set is from our finest range, with carefully chosen materials and a traditional design. Brushing shoes is an important step in keeping them conditioned, protecting the colour and making them shine. The friction from brushing warms-up the shoe wax, distributing it more evenly across the leather, whilst the criss-cross brush strokes smooth out the wax evenly. The result – a beautiful shine to his prize possessions.

perfect christmas gift for dad - luxury shoe brush set

The Pocket Comb

For on-the-go grooming, a reliable pocket comb is an essential piece in every man’s arsenal. Slim and lightweight, this comb is easy to slide in a trouser pocket or the front of a backpack. The brush comes in a handy leather pouch alongside a nail-file. A no-nonsense set to keep your dad looking sharp when he is out and about.

This could make a great stocking filler or complement some of the other brushes.

buy christmas gift for dad

The folding travel brush

If your dad travels regularly for work or leisure, this nifty little folding travel brush could do just the trick. Its small size and neat fold-away design makes it easy to fit into luggage so he can travel light. The brush is designed for men who use styling products, with robust bristles that work through knots easily and won’t get clogged up with gel.

Again, this brush works well as a stocking filler, or you could match it to some other travel essentials, along with a stylish washbag, to provide your dad with the complete travel set. Think small editions of shower products, a lightweight razor and miniature bottle of aftershave.

folding travel brush



With a wide range of products to suit every budget, our selection of Christmas Gifts for Him is a great place to start when looking for a Christmas gift for dad. Especially when you need a gift for a dad who has everything already – or seems to. It is hard to go wrong with something that combines quality with everyday use.

Whatever gift you go for, we hope you find the perfect gift this year to show your dad how much you care.

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