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Mens Handmade Brushes (4)

These extra-special brushes are handmade in our UK factory by our skilled craftsmen using traditional methods that can take up to 12 different people 540 hours from start to finish. Each handmade brush is unique, made with care and love using only the highest quality materials. Our handmade men's hairbrushes are suitable for a range of men's hair types.

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Mens Handmade Brushes Made in Britain
For a unique, extra-special hairbrush that is made to last, look no further than our mens handmade brushes. Each handmade brush comes in a luxury gift box.

How To Use Our Mens Handmade Brushes
Our range of mens handmade brushes are ideal for daily grooming, leaving hair neat and tidy. The natural bristles gently brush hair whilst promoting natural shine and distributing natural oils.

Which is Best for Your Hair Type?
Our handmade satinwood bristle military style brush is ideal for grooming hair of medium thickness whilst our soft bristle military style brush is best for those with thinning or fine hair. If you have very thick hair, then opt for either our ebony wood bristle military style brush or ebony wood hairbrush.

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