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Clothes & Shoe Brushes (10)

Keep your clothes and footwear looking at their very best with our range of wooden, pure bristle clothes brushes and shoe brushes.

Our premium clothes brushes remove fibres, fluff and pet hair from your clothes, whilst our shoe polishing brushes keep your shoes looking new and shiny. Choose your clothes brush from our range designed for a variety of fabrics, including wool, cashmere and silk garments.

Our shoe brushes will keep your shoes and boots looking shiny and new. The range of shoe brushes includes both white and black bristle options, meaning you can clean and polish dark, nude or tan shoes with confidence.

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Why choose our clothes brushes?
Our collection of clothes brushes are designed to be durable but still gentle on fabric. They will keep your clothes in good condition and free from debris. The brushes come in various sizes and can handle most fabric types.

Why choose our shoe brushes?
Our collection of shoe brushes have been crafted to help keep your shoes and boots looking as good as possible for as long as possible. The range is versatile enough to allow you to polish most colours of shoes easily.

Which clothes brush?
Choosing the right clothes brush for the right fabric is essential. For example, our Cashmere Care Dark Wood Pure Black and White Bristle Clothes Brush works perfectly with cashmere, wool and silk, and its black and white bristles remove debris without damaging the fabric and its form.

Our Luxury Hand-Finished Pure Black Bristle Clothes Brush works well with any fabric. The beautiful wooden brush is hand-finished with three kinds of veneered wood and natural black bristles. The brush also comes with a gift box, making it a perfect gift.

What's included in our shoe brush range?
A popular option within our range is our Finest Shoe Brush Set. The set is perfect for taking care of both dark and nude shoes. The brushes allow you to easily remove dried dirt and dust, but the bristles are soft enough to avoid scraping. There's then a brush to polish any colour shoe.

All of the shoe brushes in the range are compact, making them easy to keep in the car, at work or travel with, meaning you can keep your shoes or boots polished at all times.

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