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Mens Shaving Creams and Soaps (4)

If you want a close shave, shaving soap has a key role to play. It lubricates your stubble, keeping it moist and making it easier and softer to cut. Our men's shaving soap also allows you to apply softer pressure with your razor, making your shaves more comfortable. Our men's shaving soap helps give you the best-possible shave every time.

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Men’s Shaving Creams & Soaps
Shaving creams and soaps are essential for men who want to enjoy a close, smooth shave with maximum comfort.

What type of shaving cream?
Shaving soaps create a rich lather and gently cleanse the skin while also creating a smoother shaving surface. Shaving creams have a thicker and softer consistency that softens the stubble and prepares the skin for a close, precise shave.

Which is best for you?
For those who prefer a more traditional shave, our luxury shaving soaps are a good choice, creating a smooth shaving surface for a precise shave. For a more moisturising shaving experience, try our shaving cream, which comes in a handy squeezable tube or larger tub. Our dark oak shaving bowl with luxury shaving soap makes an ideal gift.

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