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Ladies Ceramic Brushes (8)

Ceramic hairbrushes are fantastic whether you have straight or curly hair. When used with a hairdryer, the ceramic core warms up, making it easier to achieve a straight blow-dry or create loose curls. Not only that but ceramic hairbrushes also heat up quickly, meaning less time is spent drying your hair. Our range comes in a number of styles and size, meaning you're sure to find the right brush for you.

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  • Beechwood
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Ceramic brushes
If you’re looking to achieve precision styling, a ceramic hairbrush is a must-have tool, as it distributes heat evenly along every strand.

What sort of ceramic hairbrush?
If you want to get a mass of tight curls, choose a narrow rounded ceramic brush, which will set your style perfectly in place. For larger, looser waves, we recommend selecting a bigger brush. Alternatively, for a sleek, silky finish, brush downwards while blow-drying, as this smooths the hair.

Which should you select?
Our high-quality wooden-handled ceramic brushes have been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your palm. They also allow for greater precision while blow-drying your curls into place. The plastic-handled hairbrushes offer a cost-effective alternative, and both types distribute heat more effectively as you’re styling your hair.

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