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Handmade Medium Bristle Toothbrush


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Handmade Hard Bristle Toothbrush


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The finest handmade toothbrushes to take care of your teeth
Dental care is not always associated with luxury — but our handmade toothbrushes represent a luxurious way to protect your tooth enamel and help prevent cavities. Our toothbrushes use natural bristles that are hand-stitched into the head.

How to use our handmade toothbrushes
Use our handmade toothbrushes twice a day as part of your regular dental health regime. The natural bristles will help remove plaque while gently massaging your gums to keep them healthy.

Which is the best for your teeth?
Soft and medium bristle toothbrushes are ideal for everyday brushing to help keep your teeth healthy. These toothbrushes gently remove plaque and clean gums. For occasional use to remove stains from teeth, you can use our handmade hard-bristle toothbrush.