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Ladies Handmade Combs (13)

Why use a comb instead of a hairbrush? Because combs are widely regarded as the most effective at removing tangles, especially from wet hair. Our range of ladies combs can help reduce damage caused by over-aggressive brushing. The comb’s teeth glide effortlessly through your hair, making it easier to remove tangles. Our ladies combs come in a range of styles including pocket, dressing table and rake styling combs, and all are designed to be flexible but strong.


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Ladies combs
Detangle, style and smooth hair with our range of ladies combs.

What sort of ladies comb?
Detangling combs help to eliminate knots and smooth the hair, especially when wet. For precision styling, a fine-toothed tail comb or rat comb works well to section and style hair. Larger rake combs are handy for those with long or thick hair, detangling and smoothing the hair without causing damage. For very thick, textured hair, use an afro comb to effortless glide through hair.

Which is best for you?
Our collection of ladies combs is designed to last and protect your hair for years to come. Choose dressing table and pocket combs for everyday styling, or select a handmade comb for detangling. For more complex styling, choose our tail or rat combs.

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