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Perfect For Volumising Static


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Perfect For Volumising Static


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Perfect For Smoothing Static


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Say goodbye to frizz with our static-resistant hairbrushes
After years of perfecting our brushes, our static-resistant hairbrush range helps to reduce static in your hair.

How to use our static-resistant hairbrushes
Simply glide one of these brushes through your hair to reduce static and leave hair shiny and healthy. Our brushes also help to straighten, smoothen and volumise hair.

Which is best for your hair?
Our narrow nylon quill and half-round nylon quill static-resistant brushes are ideal for taming frizz while travelling. To reduce static, create volume and curls in long hair, our 60mm round brush is perfect whilst our smaller 45mm round brush is best for short and shoulder-length hair. For men, our military-style nylon static-resistant brush is ideal for short hair.