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Mens Folding Brushes and Combs (4)

Perfect for grooming on the go, our range of men's folding combs and hairbrushes take up very little space in your pocket or bag. Our selection caters for all hair types, and all are flexible and hard-wearing. Whether you prefer a folding comb or a brush to keep your hair in check, make sure you carry one wherever you go and you’ll always look the part.

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Mens Folding Brushes & Combs
Keep hair tangle-free and neat while on-the-go with our range of mens folding brushes and combs.

What sort of folding brush or comb?
Folding pocket combs are easy to store and can be quickly pulled out at a moment’s notice to keep the hair perfectly styled. Folding brushes help to detangle longer, thicker hair more easily. They gently glide through the hair.

Which is best for you?
For those with finer hair, a folding comb is an excellent choice. Folding brushes work well for all hair types, especially thicker hair. For easier storage and accessibility, the folding pocket comb with clip is a good option that will never get lost.

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