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Nail Brushes (8)

Keep your nails clean with our range of beautifully designed bristle nail brushes.

The natural bristles easily remove accumulated dirt, while also gently protecting your nails and cuticles without scratching. Flexible enough to reach beneath the nail, and strong enough to provide effective cleaning. Our nail brushes stimulate strong, healthy cuticles.

Simply the easiest and most effective way of washing your hands and nails thoroughly.

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Quality nail brushes for clean nails and healthy cuticles
Washing your hands helps to remove dirt, but it’s not always practical for cleaning nails. The natural white bristles on our nail brushes remove dirt without damaging nails and cuticles.

How to use our nail brushes
Use a gentle to-and-fro brushing motion across your fingertips to easily remove dirt. The single row of white bristles is perfect for under the nails and in between fingers. The dual-bristle nail brush thoroughly washes hands regardless of the size.

Which is best for your nails?
All our nail brushes offer gentle and effective nail cleaning and cuticle maintenance. Our stained wood nail brushes feature 98mm firm natural bristles whilst our satinwood nail brush has 114mm bristles for a slightly deeper clean.

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