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Ladies Handmade Brushes (5)

These extra-special brushes are handmade in our UK factory by our skilled craftsmen using traditional methods that can take up to 12 different people 540 hours from start to finish. Each handmade brush is unique, made with care and love using only the highest quality materials. Our handmade women's hairbrushes are suitable for a range of womens hair types.

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Stimulate Natural Shine with Our Ladies Handmade Brushes
There is no doubt that haircare products and styling can impact the natural oils in our hair. However, our ladies handmade brushes can bring back that glisten we strive for.

How To Use Our Ladies Handmade Brushes
All our ladies handmade brushes are ideal for everyday use. Our oval hairbrushes are perfect for daily grooming, helping to tame hair and promote a healthy shine. Our half round hairbrushes are ideal for curling hair or adding volume.

Which is Best for Your Hair Type?
For medium – long, thick hair choose one of our firm bristle hairbrushes or our half round brush for styling. If you have thinning or fine hair, then our soft white bristle hairbrushes are the best choice.

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