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Vegan Hairbrushes (3)

Our vegan hairbrushes are perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. Our range includes cushion brushes, flexi bristle brushes and static-resistant round brushes. All vegan hairbrushes are crafted from materials which minimize environmental impact. This makes them ideal gifts for those looking to reduce their carbon foot print or support the environment.

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Create a Flawless Finish with Our Vegan Hairbrushes
Style hair from root to tip without causing damage with our range of vegan-friendly hairbrushes. Suitable for all hair types.

How To Use Our Vegan Hairbrushes
Our vegan hairbrush range features a variety of brushes for styling and grooming hair. Curl, volumise, detangle and more. Each brush is made to glide through hair whilst minimising damage.

Which is Best for Your Hair Type?
If you have thick hair that is prone to tangling, then our oversized pin hairbrush is the perfect choice. For detangling and smoothing hair, choose our static resistant brushes and flexi pin hairbrush to achieve a sleek finish; these brushes are suitable for all hair types. If you prefer a more voluminous look then our round hairbrush is an excellent choice.

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