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Bath Brushes (5)

Say goodbye to dull skin with our Kent bath brushes.

Our selection of luxurious bath brushes are made with natural bristle and the finest treated wood.

Designed to gently exfoliate, massage and softly buff away dead skin. Body brushing naturally stimulates lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation – expect super soft and glowing skin.

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Wooden bath brushes
Our wooden bath brushes are carefully designed to take care of your skin in the bath or shower whilst feeling light and comfy in your hand. The natural white bristles are perfect for buffing your skin while being gentle. The brushes are made from the finest quality ash. The wood has been specially treated and is well-suited for bath brushes.

What sort of bath brush
Our shower brushes can be used in a variety of ways. The Ash Pure White Bristle Bath Bat with Fixed Head has a long handle to help exfoliate your back and reach your feet without too much bending. The Luxury Ash Pure White Bristle Bath Brush with Detachable Head is 400mm in size, and when you remove the handle, the brush can also work as a dry body brush.

What body brush is best for you
Our body brush range is versatile, and the exact choice is quite personal. But take a look at our Luxury Ash Pure White Bristle Bath Brush with Fixed Head; the textured brush is gentle and will leave your skin glowing after use. The brush has white bristles, a fixed head, and a long handle, making it exceptional for wet brushing in the shower or bath.

The Ash Pure White Bristle Shower Exfoliating Brush is a good choice when you’re looking for something convenient to travel with. Its 120mm size means you can fit the brush into your gym or travel bag. The brush has white bristles, and the rope strap provides extra grip. It’s the perfect choice for dry brushing to boost your circulation before you shower.

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