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Mens Shaving Sets (3)

If you’re serious about shaving then you’ll want to try one of our custom luxury shaving sets. Each one features complimentary accessories, such as brushes and stands, shaving bowls and soaps, and deluxe razors paired with wet-shave kits. Our luxury shaving sets make the perfect gift for style-conscious gents everywhere. They also maximise your chances of achieving the perfect wet shave.

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Shaving Sets for the Style-Conscious Gent
Looking for the ultimate wet shaving set? Look no further than our handpicked selection of luxurious mens shaving sets.

The Wet Shaving Essentials
Our premium shaving sets include the essential products needed to prepare the skin for a traditional wet shave. Each set includes a synthetic or blended bristle shaving brush to smoothly apply your preferred shaving soap or cream. They also have a handy stand so you can showcase your shaving brush with pride whilst keeping it in top condition. Some of our shaving sets also include our conditioning shaving cream.

Which Shaving Set Should You Choose?
If you prefer softer bristles then our wet shaving gift set with synthetic shaving brush is ideal. For those preferring firmer bristles, try one of our mixed bristle shaving brush sets.

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