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100% Handmade Hairbrushes (9)

The Kent Brushes 100% Handmade range consists of nine handcrafted hairbrushes made for both men and women.

These extra-special brushes are handmade in our UK factory by our skilled craftsmen using traditional methods that can take up to 12 different people 540 hours from start to finish. Made with care and love using only the highest quality materials, each handmade brush is a unique masterpiece.

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Why choose our handmade hairbrushes
Our handmade hairbrushes are made with natural bristles that are gentle on all hair types. You can brush your hair without pulling or damaging it whilst distributing natural oils on your scalp to ensure you have healthy, well-cared-for hair.

Luxury hairbrushes crafted over centuries
When you choose a Kent hairbrush, you know you are selecting the highest-grade, luxurious hair-brushing tool. Each hairbrush in our Handmade Range is carefully crafted with precision and care with the finest materials using time-tested methods, meaning each brush meets the highest quality standard.

Our most popular handmade brushes
The Kent Satinwood Pure White Bristle Oval Hairbrush is ideal for brushing medium to long thick hair. Its natural bristle has a gentle brushing action, making it easy to groom hair. Thanks to the pure white natural bristle, it’s gentle enough to use on your hair every day.

If you struggle with brushing fine or thinning hair? Our Handmade Satinwood Pure Soft White Bristle Military Style Brush is an ideal choice. The gentle bristle action conditions the scalp and distributes natural oils along the hair strand. At the same time, the soft massaging effect promotes healthy hair growth. The result is healthy hair with a natural shine.

Regardless of your hair type or styling needs, picking a Kent handcrafted hairbrush for your grooming needs will not disappoint. With our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, you can be sure you get the best when you choose from Kent’s range of hairbrushes.

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