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Shoe Brushes (4)

Keep your footwear looking at their very best with our range of wooden, pure bristle shoe brushes.
Our premium range of shoe brushes includes both white and black bristle options, meaning you can polish both dark and nude or tan shoes with confidence. View our range of shoe brushes below.

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Keep your shoes looking as good as new with Kent shoe brushes
Shoes that have lost their shine are never quite the same. Our shoe brushes will help restore a luxurious natural look to your leather or suede footwear.

How to use our shoe brushes
With soft brushing motions, use our shoe brushes to gently remove dirt and dust from your shoes and maintain their shiny appearance without damaging the leather.

Which is best for your shoes?
Our finest pure white bristle shoe polishing brush adds shine to nude or tan shoes. The duo applicator shoe brush conveniently combines black and white bristles, allowing you to clean and polish all shoe types easily. For dark shoes, we have the finest pure black bristle shoe polishing brush.

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