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Styling Combs (7)

Combs are great for getting rid of tangles, but they’re also a star performer at styling your hair. Our range of styling combs are gentle on your scalp and they also have the benefit of spreading your hair’s natural oils to the tips of your strands. Our range of styling combs are long-lasting and durable, but kind to your hair.

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Styling combs to create a professional finish
Kent styling combs are gentle on your hair. However, thanks to the hard rubber material, they are durable, heat-resistant and unbreakable.

How to use our styling combs
Use our styling combs on all hair types. Simply glide our combs through your hair to style and part hair. The rounded tips help to protect your scalp by preventing scratching and damage.

Which is best for your hair?
For detangling, use our handled rake comb. For thick or texturised hair, try our 5-prong styling and lifting comb or our 10-prong Afro comb. To section fine to medium hair with precision, choose our 210mm tail comb. For men, our pocket combs are ideal for on-the-go styling.

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