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Vented brushes
A vented hairbrush is the ideal styling tool if you’re short on time. Designed for everyday use, it encourages heat to flow evenly through your hair.

What type of vented hairbrush?
If you’re searching for a daily-use hairbrush, a tunnel brush is great, as it enables you to style your hair quickly. However, if you want curls or waves, a round vented hairbrush is a must-have tool. Look for one that’s ceramic too, as this sets your curls more effectively. For fine hair, choose a paddle brush, as it’ll defrizz each strand, and minimise breakage.

Which should you choose?
Our wooden-handled vented brushes are ergonomically designed and offer excellent precision while styling. A narrow handled hairbrush is perfect for creating tight curls, while a short-handle brush fits snugly into most handbags.