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How to grow a moustache: Keep it neat this Movember with Kent’s moustache care and growing tips

How to grow a moustache: Keep it neat this Movember with Kent’s moustache care and growing tips

Taking part in Movember this year? No need to sacrifice style in favour of facial hair. Find out how to grow a moustache that looks and feels good with the Kent Brushes guide to keeping it neat.

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As November approaches, expect to see moustaches appear in zoom calls on the most unexpected faces. Since Movember was founded in 2003, men from all walks of life take up the challenge to grow a moustache for a month, in support of men's health.

There is an inherent element of fun in taking part in Movember – teaming up with other mo bros to embrace facial hair in a whole new way. But taking part in Movember does not mean you need to throw style out the window. Moustaches have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and numerous celebrities from Chris Hemsworth to Bradley Cooper have jumped on the moustache band wagon. 

This year Kent Brushes are supporting Movember with 1,000 exclusive Movember branded moustache combs, donating £1 to the cause for every sale. Kent Brushes has over 240 years of experience in designing hair products, so we've gleaned plenty of knowledge along the way when it comes to moustache care. Whether you're a Movember veteran, or embarking on your facial hair journey for the first time this year, here are some of our top tips on how to grow a moustache with style.

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Moustache growing tips for Movember

1. Be open to the possibilities

Before you embark on your moustache growing journey, it is important to manage your expectations. Your growth patterns may be different than you imagine. Not everyone is able to grow a full handlebar moustache, after all. Nor is it guaranteed that your mo will match your own hair colour. It may turn out darker, lighter, redder or greyer than you were anticipating. 

So if this is your first time growing a moustache, be prepared for it to be a journey of discovery!

2. Choose your style

That said, it is still worth having a good idea in advance of the sort of look you want to go for. Browse through different style options to pick something you like the look of. Or find a shot of a celebrity and mirror their look.

3. Stand firm

The first few days can be uncomfortable as your moustache starts to grow. That halfway stage between messy stubble and a budding tache may be confusing for those around you (bless them). Ride it out and use comments as an opportunity to encourage donations.

4. Be flexible

Once your moustache is in place, you'll probably need to experiment with a few different styles before you find one that suits your face. So be sure to have a few in mind that you can try out as you go. The optimal shape will depend on the way in which your hair grows – in terms of length, thickness and direction – and the shape of your face.

5. Style your moustache

Growing a mo is no excuse to compromise style. Use our styling tips below to shape the perfect tache.

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Moustache growth stages

Achieving the perfect moustache doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, even in a month, its unlikely to reach its full potential. First you'll need to go through the pain barrier of early stage growth. Part of what makes Movember so distinctive is that most men would normally favour growing a full beard for the first two or three weeks of hair growth. This avoids sporting a half-grown moustache. Then, once the moustache is established, they can shave off the rest of their facial hair, leaving the tache in centre stage. During Movember, however, you will not have that luxury.


1. The itchy stage

Expect a little face tickle as your moustache starts to sprout. Power through, it won't last for long!

2. Embrace the patchy look

The first few weeks from clean shaven, your moustache is likely to be patchy and uneven as it starts to sprout. Stay positive and roll with it. Use it as a conversation starter to promote Movember, since this stage is likely to draw more comments than once your moustache starts to look like a permanent feature.

3. You can’t rush it

Patience is a key part of how to grow a moustache. Despite all your best attempts, there is not much you can do to speed up your hair growth. Some guys will find their hair grows slower than others. You may also find that your upper lip can become itchy. Be patient and remember that this will pass soon enough.

How to trim your moustache

After your moustache starts to emerge, you will want to keep it neat. One of the rules for Movember is that you stick to moustache only, no other facial hair allowed.

So, once your moustache has reached its required length:

  • Trim it every two to three days to keep it looking consistent.
  • Before trimming, comb your moustache straight to ensure a neat cut. The Kent official Movember branded combs do just the trick. £1 from the proceeds of each comb sold will be donated to support the Movember cause, so you'll be hitting two birds with one stone!
  • Invest in some good quality trimming tools, whether you opt for trimming scissors, a beard trimmer, or a combination of the two.
  • Always trim your moustache when it's dry, as wet hair expands, meaning you won’t see the finished look.
  • Follow the shape of your mouth as you trim. If using scissors, hold them parallel to the top of your lip and try and keep your hand as steady as possible.

How to shape a moustache

In the same way as you style your hair, you'll need to style your moustache on a daily basis.

Some styles will require more maintenance than others. If you have chosen a particularly stylised look, you will want to take care to avoid it appearing messy. Using a comb will help guide the hairs in the right direction keep it looking how you want.

There are a range of products that you can use to keep your moustache neat and in good condition. Moustache wax will add definition and help to hold its position once you have combed it into place. Beard oils will keep the skin around it conditioned and avoid any dry skin. And of course a moustache needs to be washed just as hair does. Either beard soap or beard wash work well, depending on your preference.


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Take part this Movember

However your moustache ends up looking, you're unlikely to regret taking part in Movember. Joining a worldwide movement to raise money for a good cause is a great way to focus on something positive – something we all need this year more than most. And who knows, once you know how to grow a moustache, you could find you're loathed to shave it off at the end of the month. It may just suit you more than you expected.

Don't forget to buy your official Movember branded comb to keep your tache in shape, at the same time as supporting this great cause.

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