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Luxury Beard Gifts for Him

A man’s beard is something to be treasured. Ask any bearded man and he will tell you so. In fact, a study once found that beards can actually increase a man’s perceived social status. So a selection of luxury beard gifts for him this Christmas is bound to be well received.   

And so, we’ve curated a selection of all the ingredients needed for the perfect beard care gift set. From tried and tested beard brushes to lightweight, portable combs, there are some fantastic options to keep him well equipped for dedicating time to his beard. Read on to choose the perfect luxury beard gifts for him this Christmas. 

Men’s large Monster beard brush

If the man you are buying for takes his beard seriously, the Monster is the place to start.  Because when it comes to keeping facial hair groomed, this brush really is the father of all beard products.

Two hundred and forty years of brush-making expertise has shaped these Monsters, resulting in unbeatable design for comfort and ease of use. They are large in size, capable of taming the wildest of beards. The Kent logo on the handle perfectly complements the black horsehair bristles. A great reminder of the history and heritage that went into creating this beautiful beard brush.

luxury beard gift for him monster beard brush

Wooden left or right-handed beard brush

Whether he is left or right-handed, you can purchase a beard brush crafted to suit the man. The uniquely-cut bristles of these left-handed and right-handed brushes improve their performance, with a gentle but effective result.

The wooden brushes come with a hand-stitched cotton bag, brilliant for storing all of his beard accessories, be it beard oil, an extra comb, or some beard trimmers.

left handed luxury beard gifts for him

The handmade beard and moustache comb

Perhaps with Movember behind him, he has decided that the look suits him more than expected, and is looking to keep his new moustache in shape. Or perhaps he has a neater beard style that requires regular maintenance. Either way, to keep a beard or moustache looking smart, he will need a well-made comb.

When trimming a beard or moustache with beard scissors, the hairs must be combed neatly before clipping, to ensure a uniform cut. Our handmade combs come in various sizes, and have rounded teeth to ensure a smooth glide through the hairs without irritating the skin.

luxury beard gifts for him - handmade beard and moustache comb

The folding pocket comb

Easy to carry and have handy, the 115mm folding pocket comb is a go-to for on-the-go grooming. All of our fine folding combs are handmade from large sheets of acetate, making them both strong and flexible. They feel smooth and comfortable to use – great for sensitive skin.

It makes for a great stocking filler if you are looking for something smaller – it’s always a treat to get some quality items in a stocking to make it feel like a valuable addition to Christmas day.

luxury beard gifts for him - folding pocket comb

A Shaving gift set

For men with a narrower or more uniquely shaped beard, they may also use traditional shaving equipment to keep the rest of their facial hair at bay.

If he prefers a wet shave, the wet shaving gift set includes a traditional Kent shaving brush paired with our signature shaving cream.

Alternatively you could add one of our luxury shaving soaps to your beard care gift set. These come packaged in a beautiful wooden shaving bowl in either light beechwood or dark oak to maintain a classic look for his bathroom shelf.

Within the British army, the rules on the shape and style of facial hair are very prescriptive (aside from exceptional circumstances), and a Pioneer Sergeant is the only rank allowed to grow a full beard. Bugle majors, by contrast, are required a “full set” – that is, a moustache and side-burns, without any hair on the chin. So for some, keeping a beard in shape is more than just a hobby.

Beard gifts for him

We hope the man you are buying for this Christmas will feel truly spoiled with a range of authentically British beard gifts from a trusted UK designer. As the world’s oldest brush makers, we can guarantee a luxury and craftsmanship you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Browse all our men’s beard products if you would like further ideas for beard gifts for him.

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