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Kent Brushes Spring Wellness Repair

Week 4: Repair

Prepare to repair. Take a few moments for yourself this week and focus on repairing damaged hair, skin, teeth, and nails.

As we emerge from the cocoon of winter and embrace these warmer months, we've put together a Kent guide using these simple and speedy forms of self-care that will have you feeling renewed, radiant, and ready for summer.

Damaged hair can be treated with gentle brushing and specialist haircare products.

  • Treat your scalp to a massage with the SH1 and a clarifying shampoo. This boosts oxygen circulation, removes excess oil, dirt, and product build-up, and delivers a deeper clean that promotes hair growth.
  • Comb through a hair mask with a wide-toothed comb for healthy hydration and smooth, soft, tangle-free hair.
  • To finish, gently brush your dry hair with a bristle brush to encourage growth and shine. 

    Trust us – your hair will be shiny, glossy and gorgeous!

    Next up, nails and skin: using circular motions, dry brush your body from your ankles to your shoulders. This will stimulate blood flow and brush away dead skin, making the glow unmissable. Don’t forget your nails – nail brushes really do give your hands and nails the ultimate clean, removing dead skin, bacteria and dirt. Finish with a moisturiser or body oil, and you’ll feel like new. 

    Kent Brushes Spring Wellness Repair

    3. TEETH
    Your teeth and gums also deserve a little TLC – our Sonik toothbrush features advanced sonic pulse technology that effectively cleans your teeth but is gentle on the gums. 

    SONIK Electric Toothbrush in Graphite
    SONIK Electric Toothbrush in Graphite - KO-01 I RRP £59.00 >

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