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What to Put in Christmas Stockings - Ideas for the Whole Family

What to Put in Christmas Stockings - Ideas for the Whole Family

Stockings are an essential ingredient to Christmas morning for many families. And with this Christmas looking like it may be a little different to other years, keeping up these little traditions will be more important than ever.

So to make your stocking opening a merry occasion, here are some Christmas stocking filler ideas that are both practical and delightful. From your partner, granny or hard to please teenagers to excitable little ones, there are stocking filler ideas for the whole family.

Christmas stocking fillers for her

Make-up brush gift set - £21

From our wide selection of make-up brushes we have put together a five brush set. Having a theme running throughout a stocking can be a nice touch, so why not add some other cosmetic items – lipstick and eyeshadow – along with a nail brush and a bottle of nail varnish. A full pampering experience to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Floral paddle brush - £10

Something pretty to put on her dressing table, this cushioned paddle brush is the smaller of our two floral designs, making it a great stocking filler. It’s perfect for smoothing, straightening and styling hair.

Hairbrush cleaner - £3.50

There is nothing more off-putting than a hairbrush full of hair. For those with long hair, this can be a nightmare. So a handy little hairbrush cleaner is ideal to have in the drawer to keep her hairbrushes free from fluff. Allowing her to enjoy spending time on her appearance all the more.


Stocking filler ideas for him

A scalp massage brush - £5

Perfectly sized for a Christmas stocking, this colourful shampoo brush doubles up as a massage brush for the shower. A great way to help him wake up in the mornings. The brush stimulates the scalp and results in a thicker, fuller hairstyle.

Pocket comb set -£5.50

For a man who likes to look good on the go, a pocket comb is a useful gift to slip in a stocking. This folding comb fits neatly in a pocket without getting in the way. A gift with style as well as substance.



Luxury shaving soap - £26.50

Our signature shaving soap is a great stocking treat, beautifully presented in a beechwood or oak shaving bowl. The sort of thing he might not treat himself to otherwise, but will add some indulgence to an everyday routine.


Stocking Fillers for Teenagers

It can be difficult to know what to put in Christmas stockings for teenagers. Or indeed what to get them at all. As they become too cool for toys, and more interested in their own appearance, some self-care items could hit the spot. A grown-up present for a growing teen.

Small Nylon Travel Size Toothbrush - £5

With your teenager becoming more independent, a designated travel toothbrush will make sleepovers at friends’ houses and school trips away all the easier. In colourful designs, these toothbrushes fold in on themselves to keep the bristles clean inside a bag. 


Rose Gold pebble brush - £7.50

Teenage girls may appreciate adding some glamour to their morning routine with a sleek gold or rose gold pebble brush. Neat and simple in design, these brushes are great for detangling long or thick hair, and will make her feel special whenever she uses it.

Airhedz hairbrush - £9

If your boy has suddenly quadrupled the amount of time he spends in the bathroom, he may well appreciate some grooming products this year. A sleek black brush with a black comb to match will probably go down a lot better than they would have a few years ago.


Stocking Fillers for Toddlers

Ballerina hairbrush - £5.50

This cute, illustrated hairbrush is perfect for little emerging ballerinas. Having a brush that toddlers love can make hair brushing less of a battle – a win for the parents as well as for the child. Besides ballerinas, there are also purple cat or yellow flower designs to choose from.

Finest Cherrywood baby brush - £18

A keepsake to last a lifetime, this gorgeous baby brush is from our finest collection. Made from Cherrywood and filled with soft, natural bristle, it is a timeless design that can be treasured for years to come.


Ladybug pebble brush - £7.50

The adorable ladybug pebble brush is a cute addition to your toddler’s toiletries. They are bound to be intrigued by its whimsical design, which might smooth the process of smoothing out tangled hair. Its small size makes it easy for little hands to hold.

For more Christmas stocking filler ideas, you can browse our full range by category. Within our products for men, women, and children you will find everything from make-up brushes and bath products to shaving brushes and moustache combs. A great way to add something to their stocking that you know will be used again and again.

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