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Handmade Combs (27)

Kent Handmade Combs are renowned for their excellent quality. Each comb is hand-sawn from large sheets of cellulose acetate rather than moulded and have rounded teeth, ensuring a smooth and comfortable action. The result is a comb that glides effortlessly through the hair without scratching or damaging the hair or scalp.
Our range of handmade combs include designs for thick and fine hair, in varying sizes, for both men and women.
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Handmade combs
Kent handmade combs come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for both men and women.

What sort of handmade comb?
All our handmade combs are designed to easily glide through hair without causing damage to the hair or scalp. For on-the-go styling and detangling, a pocket comb or folding comb is the perfect solution. Moustache combs are excellent styling tools for men to keep on hand at home or while on the go. Dressing table combs are ideal for everyday styling.

Which is best for you?
Dressing table combs and handmade pocket combs make everyday styling and detangling easy. For those who struggle with tangles or want to ensure their hair is always smooth and picture-ready, Kent handmade combs are the perfect tools to have at the ready.

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