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Two Hard Nylon Toothbrushes in Travel Case


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Smokers Pure White Bristle Toothbrush


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Handmade Hard Bristle Toothbrush


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Hard Bristle Toothbrush
Our hard bristle toothbrushes have natural or nylon bristles and are an excellent choice for removing stains or cleaning dentures.

Why use a hard bristle toothbrush?
There are two key reasons to use a hard-bristled toothbrush. The first reason is for occasional use to remove tough stains. The second reason is to scrub dentures. The harder bristles work more vigorously than other bristle types, helping to provide a more intensive clean. However, it’s important not to brush too hard as this can cause damage to the teeth and gums.

Is a hard bristle toothbrush right for you?
If you are a smoker, then it’s good to have a hard bristle toothbrush like our handmade toothbrush for occasional teeth brushing. They are also ideal if you have dentures.