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Medium Bristle Toothbrushes (7)

If your teeth are in relatively good health, and you’re looking for a toothbrush that’s a ‘good all-rounder’, a medium bristle toothbrush is a great option. Each bristle is designed to remove plaque and food caught between the teeth, without damaging the enamel. Our medium bristle toothbrushes also help you to maintain good gum health.

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Medium Bristle Toothbrushes
Our medium bristle toothbrushes have nylon or natural bristles. They are perfect for everyday use to remove plaque, clean teeth, and keep gums healthy.

Why use a medium bristle toothbrush?
Toothbrushes with medium bristles are ideal for cleaning in between teeth. You will also find that it’s easier to remove plaque and clean teeth more effectively. However, it’s important to remember not to brush too vigorously to avoid damaging your teeth and gums.

Is a medium bristle toothbrush right for you?
Most people choose to brush their teeth with a medium bristled toothbrush. High-quality medium strength bristle toothbrushes help to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. And, when used correctly, they help promote excellent oral health, helping your teeth and gums to look their best.

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