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Reach For The Hairbrush So Your Hair Looks Better Than Ever During Lockdown and Beyond

Reach for the hairbrush so your hair looks better than ever during lockdown and beyond

With trips to the hairdressers currently out of the question and most of us too afraid to attempt a box dye or DIY cut, we look to our trusted friend, the hairbrush for the answer to our hair looking its best during lockdown.  And dare we say it, as a result, come out of isolation with healthier hair than ever.

With us, all spending a lot more time at home now is the perfect opportunity to give your hair some self-care and reach for that brush. Gemma Hensman, Co-Director of Hensmans Salons says: “Your hair is going to love you after lockdown as a result of the break from chemicals, heat and pollutants and the extra TLC of a great brushing regime. Not only does brushing remove tangles but it also stimulates the capillaries of the scalp, increasing blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. Brushing stimulates these glands and distributes natural oils from the base of the hair along the shaft, making it stronger, glossier, smoother and less dry. What more could your hair ask for ready for a new restyle once back in the salon.”

In addition, we lose an average of 100 hairs per day, so brushing removes all that loose hair and gets rid of product build-up. Brushing is without a doubt the easiest way to keep hair healthy during lockdown and what’s more, the repetitive motion of a gentle brush is both relaxing and therapeutic and let’s be honest, we all deserve a little more of that right now.

When it comes to brushing, it’s all about how you do it. Award-winning hairdresser, Katie Mulcahy says: “For shiny, healthy and untangled hair, you should be brushing your hair twice a day. Once in the morning and once before going to bed, for about a minute each time.”

“Don’t tear through your locks mindlessly, take care when brushing, being too aggressive will only cause damage. Always brush from the bottom and work up. The recommended frequency of hair brushing is also determined by hair length and texture. Curly hair is different than straight hair. Most of the time, people with curly hair and highly textured hair only brush their hair when it is time for a shampoo – not every day. Those with long hair might benefit from brushing their hair three times a day to avoid any midday mats.”

But the benefits of hair brushing will only come with the right tools. Award-winning stylist, Brooke Evans top tip: “Make sure you’re using the right brush. When brushing for health and shine, then a natural bristle brush like the classic Kent Brushes CSFL works wonders at gently removing tangles while distributing oils and promoting a sleeker appeal.”

And the tools you use should change when your hair is wet to avoid snapping and static. Brooke adds, “When your hair is wet, it is weaker, fragile and more susceptible to breakage. Save your natural bristle brush for when your hair is dry and invest in a detangling brush like Kent Brushes Perfect For Maxi Detangling Brush or a wide-tooth comb.”

Gemma Hensman recommends: “If you can, opt for a slightly more expensive brush. You will get a better finish, it will reduce damage and last for years.”

In addition to daily brushing, Brooke suggests also giving the scalp a thorough brush before shampooing. “Using an exfoliating brush like Kent Brushes Shampoo and Scalp Massage Brush and move the brush all around the scalp in circular movements starting at the front and working your way around covering your entire head. Hair is fed by the bloodstream and brushing the scalp makes blood rise to the surface and in turn, stimulate hair growth.”

Written by
Carly McIntyre