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A brush with the past and a hint of the future

A successful, progressive company is one that earns its laurels but refuses to rest on them; a company that celebrates and perpetuates its history and traditional values while anticipating and responding to the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace. Those of a certain age may remember buying their Kent brushes in pounds and shillings from old-style chemists with marbled counters, kaleidoscopic apothecary jars and dizzying backdrops of tiny, polished walnut drawers. Today’s customers will more likely be using smartphones and smart cards to make their purchases from shops, stores and salons at the cutting edge of modern merchandising. The common denominator that links these opposites is, of course, the product itself. The uncompromising craftsmanship and eye for detail that worked so well for the fledgling G B Kent & Sons Ltd in the 1770s is as valid and relevant today as it was then. kb-blog2 It is no accident that a substantial number of our products are still handmade to a labour-intensive ethos that would reduce a contemporary mass producer to tears. Any one of our very finest hairbrushes will have passed through as many as a dozen pairs of highly skilled hands before leaving the factory in its suitably sumptuous presentation box. Yet if these beautiful brushes are our signature creation, they tell but a part of our story. In a journey of improvement and innovation that already spans four centuries, we have developed not only the biggest hairbrush collection in the world, but also a wealth of associated products that, between them, cover every grooming need from top to toe. So comprehensive is our globally - and royally - acclaimed hairbrush range, anyone could be excused for thinking there was nothing more to add. From the unabashed luxury of our finest handmade brushes to the colourful chic of our AirHedz and ArtHedz collections, you might reckon we’d said and done it all already. But you would be wrong - because, coming very soon, will be an brilliant new product that adds a fresh dimension and sensation to everyday haircare. We’re proud of it. We’re excited about it. And we think you will be, too. Now we’re almost ready to spill the beans, so make sure you’re the first to know. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three). Watch our website, browse our blogs. Or your head might never forgive you...
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