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Why Kent Brushes decided to partner with Breast Cancer Haven

“I wanted to create a hairbrush that would help people during chemo” - Why Kent Brushes decided to partner with Breast Cancer Haven
My name is Natasha Phillips and I’m the Sales Manager at G B Kent & sons, also known as Kent Brushes. We are brush-makers that specialise in personal grooming brushes and have been supporting Breast Cancer Haven since January 2019.

The best way to brush your hair during chemotherapy

Several years ago my life-long friend had breast cancer and sadly died. However, during her chemotherapy, she was extremely distressed about her hair loss. As a Sales Manager here at Kent Brushes, I already knew of the benefits of using a boar bristle hairbrush on hair. A pure boar bristle hairbrush is the gentlest way to brush hair, especially hair that is thinning, damaged or just starting to re-grow. It minimises any breakages and helps distribute the natural oil (sebum) from the root to the tip – thus conditioning your hair without need for products. I wanted to create a hairbrush that would help others with retaining or re-growing their hair during or after chemo and sell the product to support a breast cancer charity.

Partnering with Breast Cancer Haven

I knew straight away, after discovering Breast Cancer Haven and their free emotional, physical and practical breast cancer support services, that a partnership with them would be ideal for Kent Brushes. We have created a hairbrush made from beautiful beechwood and pure bristles and have inscribed the Breast Cancer Haven logo on the brush head. The brush is available to purchase for £10.00, with £1.00 being donated to Breast Cancer Haven for every brush sold. This means that the product is not only ideal to use for people undergoing chemotherapy, but also raises money to support people affected by breast cancer too. We are thrilled with this partnership and look forward to continuing to work with Breast Cancer Haven in the future.
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